Started From The Bottom

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Fort Myers

Southeast Division

Determination Runs in Marcus Dumas’s Blood

In 24 years at Vulcan, Marcus Dumas has learned that things run smoothest when his team exhibits determination and dedication. Dumas feels these two qualities are essential for every level at Vulcan, “from the very bottom, all the way to the top.”

Marcus was first introduced to Vulcan by his father James Dumas, a dragline operator at Vulcan for 21 years, who began instilling these qualities in Marcus at a young age. These characteristics have allowed Marcus to improve and develop at Vulcan and in life, even in the face of obstacles. “My goal is to be as productive as I possibly can,” Dumas said. “Every day I give 120%. Every day.”

Today, Marcus tries to teach his father’s wisdom to others by leading by example. As a team leader at Ft. Myers Quarry, he feels the need to “set the same footprint as I want my guys to do.” By exhibiting the determination and dedication gained through his father’s example, Dumas knows his team will learn the importance of these key qualities. “You can move from the bottom. I’m a witness to that,” Dumas said. “I started from the bottom and worked my way up to the top. There’s a chance for everybody.”