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Screening Sand Saves Energy

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Southeast Division

Feed Prep System Provides Efficiency

At the Vulcan Materials Diamond Sand Plant, a new feed prep system is saving energy and wear and tear on the plant. The system is located approximately 1000 feet from the dredge and sorts out larger material before it reaches the plant. Tailings are also removed. This improves productivity by getting rid of large rocks and debris, making for a more efficient operation. A variable speed drive on the pump keeps water flow consistent and prevents surges.

Diamond Sand Plant Manager Johnny Harrison says the feed prep system is improving productivity and saving money. “This new system provides more of a constant feed to the plant and our tons per hour are higher,” Harrison said. “It saves money for future projects and it will pay for itself over the next few years.”

Diamond Sand Plant

Diamond Sand Plant Manager Johnny Harrison (right) discusses the benefits of the feed prep system.