Meet The Fearsome Foursome

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Southeast Division

Stockbridge Sisterhood Blossoms

The “Fearsome Foursome” at Stockbridge Quarry exemplifies the real meaning of sisterhood. With Vulcan job tenure ranging from a few months to 33 years, these women are fiercely devoted to the company and each other.

“Vulcan is very good for women because I have had more opportunities to do different things than most women have had in their lifetime,” said Vickie King, who has worked for Vulcan for 32 years. Among other jobs, King has run a loader, driven a haul truck, rebuilt crushers and she is currently the Pit Supervisor. “I mean it’s just a fun job all around and I love what I do,” King said.

“The Vulcan world is my family. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” said Tracy Hart, Plant Office Administrator who is a 32-year-employee and known affectionately as ‘Mamma T.’. “I’ve always stayed right here and I’m not sorry that I did,” Hart said.

Vulcan Women

Plant Office Administrator Tracy Hart, Scale Clerk Deyna Lewis, Haul Truck Driver Sandra “Cricket” Bartlett and Pit Supervisor Vickie King. 

“What I do is weigh the trucks in and out and it’s fun talking to the drivers. I’m pretty much their mom, their dispatcher,” said Deyna Lewis, Scale Clerk. Lewis has spent 19 years at Vulcan. “Vulcan takes very good care of you,” she said.

The new kid on the block at Stockbridge is Sandra “Cricket” Bartlett who joined the Stockbridge team a few months ago as a haul truck driver. Bartlett enjoys driving a 100-ton haul truck and believes, “as a female, there is nothing man made that I can’t drive.”

Vulcan Women

Haul Truck Driver Sandra “Cricket” Bartlett

The “Fearsome Foursome” wants young women to know the value of a career at Vulcan. “Vulcan has many opportunities for you to advance and it is a great company to work for,” King said.