A Vulcan Fireman

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Southeast Division

Serving and Protecting The Community

If you ever need to find Macon Quarry Plant Manager Barry Lawson, he’ll either be at Vulcan’s facility or the fire station in Monroe County, Georgia. Lawson has spent the last 34 years as a volunteer firefighter, dividing his time between Vulcan and the community.

“Our station is right across the road from our quarry’s entrance so for all these years we’ve worked hand in hand – both the community, the fire department and Vulcan Materials,” Lawson said. Barry’s Vulcan family has been a strong supporter of his firefighter family as well. “They’ve helped us with pumps, they’ve helped us with gear that we need. They’ve helped us with the rescue equipment that we use. They’ve allowed us to come into the quarry and do rescue exercises on our heavy equipment so that we can rescue anyone as needed.”

vulcan fireman

Lawson’s father was one of the founders of their volunteer fire department and his son has continued in his family footsteps, being a volunteer firefighter for the last six years. Lawson credits his tight-knit community as one of the reasons he puts his life on the line. “We enjoy helping each other. We go out all hours of the night, do whatever it takes to keep people safe. We just look out for each other.”